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Invariant Corporation Continues to Expand; Adds Additional 23,000 Square Feet of Space

(Huntsville, AL) Invariant Corporation, partnering with Freedom Real Estate and Turner Construction, has announced that they are breaking ground on a new suite in their existing facility in South Huntsville.

Invariant moved into the new mixed-use facility at 4040 Chris Drive in July 2021 and has already outgrown the current space. With the expansion, the company will add another 23,000 square feet of space for offices, labs, and meeting areas. “Invariant has experienced massive growth in such a short period of time that it was only natural to expand our footprint once again,” says David Anderson, President and CEO of Invariant. “We’re looking forward to continuing our relationships with Freedom Real Estate and Turner Construction and ensuring quality service to our current and future customers.”

The new facility will also allow Invariant to expand its services and improve existing vertical capabilities. The expansion will boast a new electronics lab, two separate optics labs for hardware design and development, and a shipping and receiving center to store inventory in-house as needed. With an anticipated completion date of summer 2023, Invariant expects the expansion will bring at least 25 new jobs to the area.

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About Invariant Corporation

Founded in 2001, Invariant provides superior engineering and software solutions to clients across the Department of Defense. Headquartered in Huntsville, AL, with employees across the United States and overseas, Invariant offers capabilities and expertise in hardware and sensor development, prototyping, and innovative custom software development.


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