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Invariant offers hardware, sensor, and software systems development services specializing in data acquisition & control, simulation technologies, and optical engineering. Each project’s development plan is customized to meet the customer’s mission. Emphasis is put on requirements to ensure the customer receives the product they need.  To meet this goal, our testing process includes unit, integration, and validation testing. Our experience and technical knowledge provide the customer with a high quality, cost-efficient product without the BS. 

Custom Hardware Development


  • Solid modeling

  • Technical data package production to ASME Y14.100 (MIL-STD-100)

  • System integration of electrical & optical components


  • Structural finite element analysis

  • Thermal and computational fluid dynamics

Reverse engineering

  • 3D scanning

  • General metrology

Field Service Engineers

With over 1 million CROWS II combat uptime hours on MRAPS and Fixed Site Force Protection installations the professional team of Field Support Engineers conducted training, deployment and maintenance to become the most experienced and elite in the industry.  Each has a battle tested resume that only years in combat zones supporting all aspects of the CROWS II program can produce.  

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Model  & Simulation

Invariant has a long history of Modeling and Simulation (M&S) development for the United States Army. A particular area of expertise is in the area of Imaging Infrared (IIR) Sensors for missile systems. Invariant’s role in development of system simulations for analysis include integration of IIR sensor models with high fidelity Integrated Flight Simulations (IFS) and various image processing algorithms such as auto-trackers for terminal guidance of a munition engaging a target. 

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Program Management Expertise

  • Several PMP certified managers on staff

  • Big picture thinking and organization

  • Planning and resource management

  • Subcontract administration

  • Other Transactional Authority Expertise

  • Cost-Effective Solutions without the red tape

System Integration Testing 

  • Test dependencies between different system components to ensure overall system performance

  • Infrared Sensor Integration & Test

  • Platform Weaponization

  • Remote Weapon Station Interface

Custom Software Algorithm Development

Invariant offers custom software and algorithm development for platforms including embedded systems, desktop applications, and web applications.  We have extensive experience in object-oriented design and distributed multi-threaded algorithm development.  Our experience includes languages such as C/C++, Python, and Java on Windows and Linux operating systems.

HwA & Security

For more than 12 years, Invariant scientists and engineers have provided support in the areas of Electronic Hardware Assurance (HwA) and Security to customers within the DoD community.

Invariant has provided in-depth support to customers in the areas of counterfeit screening, malicious insertion risk mitigation, and hardware security.


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Optics & Sensors

  • R&D Hardware Prototype Design, Development and Testing

  • Imaging, Non-imaging  and Laser Optical Systems Development

  • Opto-Mechanical Design

  • Integrated Product Team Experience

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Platform Integration

Enabling the rapid and deliberate delivery of integrated capabilities to the war fighter.

  • Research and develop exploratory and advanced development projects to advance current technology

  • Develop and conduct studies to establish the feasibility of systems, subsystems, and component’s ability to meet requirements and overall adequacy of design

  • Conduct analysis to assess endgame, ground effects, and weather impacts

  • Development and integration of advanced technologies including guidance, control, sensor, sensor windows and domes, propulsion, thermal protection systems, airframe, aviation survivability equipment, launcher structures and interfaces, embedded computer hardware/software, and embedded diagnostics and ancillary equipment into suitable test bed systems and/or subsystems while maintaining total system safety and integrity.

Small Batch Prototyping

Invariant currently has the capability to machine components from plastics, ferrous, non-ferrous metals, and other machinable materials using a variety of machine tools. With the growing need to provide rapid response in support of military systems, Invariant has the capability to create designs and drawings using Solid Works CADD, and machine using Master Cam 3D Mill software. 

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