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FireFLY (hostile Fire Fast Locating sensor) is a hostile-fire detection system developed jointly by Invariant Corporation of Huntsville, Alabama, and Hyperion Technology Group of Tupelo, Mississippi in support of the US Army Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center (DEVCOM AvMC).


why firefly?

FireFLY is a low-cost system that consists of both optical and acoustic sensors in a single device. It fuses information from both sensors to provide a high probability of detection with highly accurate geolocations of hostile fire events while virtually eliminating false alarms.


firefly is flexible

FireFLY can be applied to a host of fixed-asset force protection scenarios in a variety of configurations, from a single sensor, to an integrated network of three (3) or more devices, based on the desired area of coverage and threat posture.FireFLY provides small-unit force-protection by using acoustic and EOIR sensors to provide continuous 360-degree coverage over a large area for hostile fire events. It detects and discriminates between small arms and larger propellant based munitions.


firefly models

  • FireFly AO (Acousitc Only)

  • FireFly AO2 (Acoustic Only 2)

  • FireFly 360 (SWIR/VIS/Acoustic)

  • FireFly 4G Base

  • FireFly LE/LE2

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