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SgPrime is a hardware accelerated infrared scene generator that simulates real world infrared environments and produces infrared Imagery. SgPrime provides a C++ API and application suite via a set of libraries and plugins capable of generating infrared scenes for a wide variety of applications. Major capabilities include in band rendering of Long Wave (LWIR) and Mid Wave Infrared (MWIR) scenes at 32-bit floating point precision with GPU accelerated atmospheric transmittance, path radiance, and sky temperatures. SgPrime’s hardware capabilities provide for accelerated run time of all-digital simulations and real time operation for scene projection of Hardware in the Loop (HWIL) applications.



  • A key component of the SgPrime application suite is the Aviation and Missile Command (AvMC) Modular Infrared Seeker Analysis Tool (MIRSAT). This is a hardware accelerated model (GPU) of infrared sensors. Sensor effects such as blur, noise, and non-uniformity provide realistic digital imagery when combined with the output of SgPrime.

  • Combined, these two components have been used in various Army S&T activities and currently including the Land Based Anti-Ship Missile (LBASM) and Multiple Simultaneous Engagement Technologies (MSET) programs at the Aviation and Missile Command.  

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