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Model & Simulation

Invariant Modeling and Simulation Experience and Expertise 
Invariant has a long history of Modeling and Simulation (M&S) development for the United States Army. A particular area of expertise is in Imaging Infrared (IIR) Sensors for missile systems. 


Invariant’s role in development of system simulations for analysis include integration of IIR sensor models with high fidelity Integrated Flight Simulations (IFS) and various image processing algorithms such as auto-trackers for terminal guidance of a munition engaging a target. These M&S capabilities provide tools for performing various trade studies as a prelude to production of system prototypes and testbeds for development of algorithms and CONOPS for specific systems under development.  

Much of Invariant’s M&S activities have been executed via the Army’s Common Simulation Framework (CSF). Invariant’s expertise derives from participation in the original development of CSF and continued application across many S&T projects and army missile programs. Current M&S program support includes the Multiple Simultaneous Engagement Technologies (MSET), Joint Air to Ground (JAGM) Missile, and Land Anti-Ship Missile (LBASM) programs at the Army’s Aviation and Missile Command.  

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