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  • Loki was Used to Support MATV CROWS-J Training

  • Emulates Javelin Missile Video and Functionality

  • No Short Round Required

  • Short Round Requires External Gas and Power or, Short Round Requires BCU which is Expensive in support of Training

  • Tracker Gate Resize and Lock Display Capability

  • Simulates Mis-Fire, Hang Fire, and Normal Fire (User Selectable)

  • Missile Not Present Goes High to Emulate Missile Firing

  • CROWS Transitions back to Day Sight after Emulated Firing



  • Emulates Javelin Missile Signals in Support of Javelin Launcher Checkout/Verification, Gunner Training and Test

  • Output Live Simulated Javelin Missile Video and Status Data (VSD) using Longwave Uncooled Camera

  • Receive Missile Commands from the Launcher and Respond Appropriately (MCB Bus)

  • Receives Squib Commands and Perform Verification Against Missile Requirements

  • Provide the Same Form Factor and Mechanical Interface as a Javelin Missile (obtain tubes as GFE)

  • Emulates BCU Functionality

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