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our product offerings at a glance



Bullwinkle is an extensible software framework supporting the integration of imaging sensors, pan and tilt positioners, TSPI information and algorithms. Bullwinkle supports real time hardware in the loop testing of image processing algorithms on ground or flight platforms. 


Bullwinkle stores collected data in frame correlated file format allowing for post test analysis and playback of stored imagery and telemetry.

Bullwinkle supports Camera Link, IMPERX and GigE sensor interfaces. Custom sensor interfaces can be supported by module definitions.


Containerized Weapon System

Containerized Weapon System (CWS) is a stand-alone force protection capability that can be easily deployed and set up to help the Warfighter. 



  • Loki was Used to Support MATV CROWS-J Training

  • Emulates Javelin Missile Video and Functionality

  • No Short Round Required

  • Short Round Requires External Gas and Power or, Short Round Requires BCU which is Expensive in support of Training

  • Tracker Gate Resize and Lock Display Capability

  • Simulates Mis-Fire, Hang Fire, and Normal Fire (User Selectable)

  • Missile Not Present Goes High to Emulate Missile Firing

  • CROWS Transitions back to Day Sight after Emulated Firing



Multi-Use Launcher Electronics (MULE)

The MULE is a multi-use capability that interfaces to the Commonly Remotely Operated Weapons System (CROWS) allowing a user to engage and launch several munitions from a remote location. Interfaces supported include the Javelin missile, laser guided rockets, and loitering munitions. The MULE receives commands and communicates status via a standard 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet connection. It can be utilized on a static platform but has also been demonstrated on multiple manned and unmanned aircraft. 



FireFLY (hostile Fire Fast Locating sensor) is a hostile-fire detection system developed jointly by Invariant Corporation of Huntsville, Alabama, and Hyperion Technology Group of Tupelo, Mississippi in support of the US Army Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC).



SgPrime is a hardware accelerated infrared scene generator that simulates real world infrared environments and produces infrared Imagery. SgPrime provides a C++ API and application suite via a set of libraries and plugins capable of generating infrared scenes for a wide variety of applications. Major capabilities include in band rendering of Long Wave (LWIR) and Mid Wave Infrared (MWIR) scenes at 32-bit floating point precision with GPU accelerated atmospheric transmittance, path radiance, and sky temperatures. SgPrime’s hardware capabilities provide for accelerated run time of all-digital simulations and real time operation for scene projection of Hardware in the Loop (HWIL) applications.


Laser Spot Scorer

Invariant developed a laser spot scoring (LSS) system in support of laser designator testing used by laser guided munitions. The system consists of two sensors. The first is a high speed, extended spectral range CCD with a 30-degree FOV optic and a 1064 nm laser line filter. This camera has a GigE video interface that transports data via an Ethernet connection. The resolution of the camera, distance to the target and the camera FOV determines the laser spotting location accuracy.



RWS Battery and Cooling Unit (BCU)

The RWS BCU provides power and cooling in support of remote system operation and allows 360 degrees of freedom and operation without external cables and gas lines.

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