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RWS Battery and Cooling Unit (BCU)

The RWS BCU provides power and cooling in support of remote system operation and allows 360 degrees of freedom and operation without external cables and gas lines.



The RWS BCU contains a Nitrogen gas bottle, battery power supply, and electronics to provide cooling and power to components mounted to the commonly remotely operated weapon system (CROWS). The power supply can be remotely initiated using an enable pulse from an external system. When the RWS BCU activation signal is received, the BCU provides continuous power to the system for a user defined period. The power supply has an automatic shut-off when the time interval is achieved. There is a user re-configurable model that can be adapted to specific user level requirements, and a unit that has specifications that support the RWS and cannot be reconfigured. Select the model number that meets your requirements.


  • Cooling: Continuous cooling for a period of 45 minutes before requiring re-charge

  • Power: Provides +/- 20 VDC at 3 Amps, and 8 VDC at 8 Amps



  • BCU-PS-1101-P

  • BCU power supply and Cooling Unit for RWS. User re-configurable RWS Power Supply and Cooling Unit

  • BCU-PS-1101

  • RWS Power Supply and Cooling Unit (Non-configurable)

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