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Experience. Expertise. Service.

Custom Software Design & Development

  • Infrared Performance Analysis Tools

  • System Architecture Development

  • Distributed Multi-threaded Algorithm Development

  • Graphical User Interfaces

Real-time Data Acquisition & Control

  • Graphical Display Provides Interface to Hardware Components

  • Software Interfaces to a Wide Variety of Hardware Components

  • Moving Maps with GPS Location Overlays

  • Hardware Component Health and Status Monitoring

  • Synchronized Data Acquisition and Recording

  • Hardware Component Configuration Menus

Modeling & Simulation

  • Invariant is the Primary MIRSAT Developer for AMRDEC

  • Object Oriented C++ Model Development

  • Real-time Scene Generation

  • Simulation Architecture Development

  • Distributed Multi-Threaded Algorithm Development

Optical Engineering, Design, Analysis and Hardware Development

  • Prototyping, LRIP and mechanical design for manufacturability AIS&T for complex laser, EO and IR systems

  • OpticStudio lens design and modeling expertise for optical systems’ optimization and integration

  • Blue & Red Force Analysis and Prototyping for test and exploitations


Productivity, Technical Excellence, and Responsiveness.

comprehensive engineering services across a wide range of technical disciplines

  • We are guided by three principles: Productivity, Excellence, and Responsiveness.  

  • A more productive team generates better solutions for a lower cost. A culture of excellence provides for the technical oversight, standards, and best practices that ensure our work is of the highest quality. 

  • Our pride in customer service means we are responsive to your needs and are here when you need us most.


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"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

winston churchill

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